Dennis had a big idea: provide lifelong financial planning to those who usually don’t have access to good advice. He spent many years as a business strategy and marketing executive for several large banks, and for far too long he witnessed how regular people were underserved by the financial industry. He wanted to develop a solution that would change the way people received advice. He brought in Dirk, a top expert in financial planning who shared the same sentiment, and Joe, a technologist whose passion in using cutting-edge technology has transformed many businesses.

But building a startup would be a huge undertaking, and Joe knew just the person who could help. Sharon started her own engineering firm from scratch more than three decades ago, and its innovative work in technology has made a positive impact on our country. She knows a thing or two about building a company.

A self-made philanthropreneur, Sharon loves ideas that can help the greater good. It turns out she is equally concerned about how most people have little to no retirement savings, lack basic financial education, and have poor access to good financial advice. So Dennis and Joe met Sharon at a local eatery to pitch their plan to improve the retirement of every American. “I would love to invest in that,” she said, and plynty was born.

So here we are now: a hardworking team with big dreams, and an app we hope will change the financial planning world. We’re so happy that you’ve joined us on our journey.

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