Plynty is a customizable, mobile-first digital advice platform.

Deliver an unprecedented financial planning experience to your customers. Through our engaging, easy-to-understand approach, 30% of plynty users complete a retirement plan without any additional follow-up required.

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Why should plynty matter to your customers?


Working Americans are worried about not having enough money for retirement.


Working Americans are not yet receiving financial advice.

Get unique insights.

Learn about your customers and their financial circumstances so you can help them build a successful future. Plynty enables your firm to scalably deliver a personalized experience with a financial plan that meets each user’s unique needs.

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Deepen customer relationships.

Effectively cross-sell your product suite based on suitability for each customer. Our efficient, needs-based approach helps banks provide each customer with a personalized financial plan that helps to cross-sell your entire product suite—retirement, investments, savings, insurance, and loans—based on suitability for the customer.

Gain actionable insights.

Empower your customer-facing team with exceptional customer intelligence. Develop informed strategies to support sending follow-up communications, assigning customer service support, driving product sales, and referring appropriate customers to advisors, insurance agents, or mortgage lenders.

Deliver valuable services.

Our approach uniquely supports customers of all income or asset levels in developing a financial plan that best meets their monthly cashflow goals in retirement. Support them through an advice-driven relationship basis, whenever and wherever they want.

Configured to your needs.

Meet your requirements for branding, compliance, product, features, and functionality. Thanks to our flexible architecture, making plynty your own product is a painless and streamlined process.

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