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  • What is your mission?  
  • Our mission is to help everyone retire better.

    There’s a real retirement crisis in the U.S. and we built plynty to help combat it. The plynty app is designed to help anyone create a realistic, achievable retirement plan, no matter their net worth. It doesn’t stop there – as your life plans change, whether deciding to move to a new home or go back for that degree you’ve always wanted, plynty will change with you to help keep you on track for a better retirement.

  • How is plynty different?  
  • Save a large nest egg - it’s what traditional retirement calculators advise. If you’re like most people, it’s just not realistic to save as much for retirement as these calculators recommend. You’re left guessing what saving less will mean for your retirement or, maybe you just give up planning for retirement altogether.

    plynty is different. We see savings as just one important piece of building successful lifelong cashflow™. We offer practical, common sense advice so you can earn the most in retirement income, spend the least in retirement expenses, and find a healthy balance in your financial life.

  • Who is behind the app?  
  • plynty is a product of AEM Corporation, a global provider of diversified services to government agencies and commercial businesses. The plynty app is a collaboration of AEM’s Information Technology unit (Vizuri, LLC) and its financial advice unit (Compendium Finance, LLC).

    We took on this venture to do our part to help address the country’s retirement crisis and use our talents to deliver financially unbiased retirement, investment, and insurance advice to those who need it most. Our team has been cited by the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post for its research on how to make retirement planning simple and more effective. Find out more in our About Us section.

  • What is Compendium Finance?  
  • Compendium Finance is the source of plynty’s investment-related advice, including answers to retirement planning and portfolio questions sent to us by our subscribers. Some of the same people who work at Compendium Finance are on the founding team at plynty. We’ve benefited from their expertise while building this app solution for you. Compendium Finance, LLC (like plynty, LLC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AEM Corporation.

  • How does plynty get paid for its services?  
  • For a low-cost annual subscription, you get unlimited access to the tools you need to understand what retirement will mean for you – and a plan for how to get there. We never sell advertising, your data, or accept third-party incentives, so the advice you get is always unbiased and solely in your best interest.